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Festive Musings

The week has just begun but you have reason to be excited as we’ve got a long weekend coming up and it doesn’t get better than that now, does it? And with the festive season just around the corner,  we’re sure you’d agree that a fun kitchen experiment is in order, especially if you have…

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Meet the Students (Mrudula Putcha)

Following the official launch of our Alumni Association late last month, we decided to dedicate the blog posts of August to our alumni. So while we got you introduced to our office bearers in the last post, this time around we chat up Mrudula Putcha, one of our many illustrious alumni. Tell us about yourself Mrudula, where…

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Lavonne Alumni Meet- July 2016

Three Saturdays ago, when the rest of Karnataka woke up lazily to a state-wide bandh that ensured public transport services too were suspended till sunset, 44 of the stupendous 150 alumni of Lavonne made sure they somehow found their way to the first ever Alumni Meet hosted at The Hotel Royal Orchid, Bangalore.  After all,…

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