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Canvas- Bake for a Cause

One of the most important aspects of training under the Diploma program at Lavonne is that every student of every batch gets the opportunity, when it’s their turn, to host the biannual charity bake sale. The 10th batch of our Diploma students hosted their bake sale, ‘Canvas’,  last weekend and needless to say it was…

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Lunch with a punch!

If you’re a parent that sends packed lunch with your kids to school, there’s no doubt the ubiquitous lunch box is probably the bane of your existence! Come June and a new academic year begins. This not just implies shopping for stationery, shoes, and uniforms, or being worried about how the next five sets of…

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When it’s all or muffin!

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year already? With World Baking Day gone by, over a fortnight ago, patissiers from across the world commemorated the day in some unique way or the other. And for those who didn’t do much except indulge in a sugary doughnut that day, we thought it would be…

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