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Sweet meets Spooky

The night of fright is here and before you head out to that ghoulish party at a local watering hole or at a friend’s place, we thought we’d let you in on some Halloween Treat Trivia!   • According to The National Confectioners Association, 80 percent of adults in America give out candy to trick-or-treaters,…

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Meet the Students- Rinal Karvat

It’s been a while since we featured a student on our blog and having spoken about fondant and Chef Joonie’s foray as brand ambassador for Pettinice, a renowned brand of fondant, we thought it would be nice to chat up one of her students and ardent followers, Rinal Karvat. Incidentally, Rinal thoroughly enjoyed her cake…

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When Queen Bee takes the cake!

She’s not known as the Queen of Cake Decoration for nothing. If you’ve come across her work with fondant even once, you would wholeheartedly agree that there’s nobody who does it better than Chef Joonie Tan. As our Executive Pastry Artist, she’s only brought home more laurels and honours. Recently, she was chosen as the…

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