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If you’ve been following us on social media, you must be aware that last month was one that was filled with fun and adventure, be it moving into our new and massive state-of-the-art facility, putting together pastry trials, and of course housing two of the most eagerly awaited series of masterclasses of the year, one with Chef Antonio Bachour and the other with Chef Carles Mampel, both geniuses of their own kind.

Apart from hosting a 3-day masterclass, Poetry on a Plate, Chef Antonio Bachour’s 3-day demo classes were as big a hit, with bakers, both amateur and professional, in-house students and chefs, in attendance. His entremets, tarts, and gateaus made for such fabulous snapshots as you can see.

Best known for his simple recipes coupled with awe-inspiring techniques, his humility and his ability to simplify his teaching for anyone willing to learn, are things that his students will remember for a long time to come.

While your eyes feast on all the delicious goodness on this post, here’s a look at what 2 participants had to say about their demo class with the pastry chef extraordinaire.

“About two years ago when I was an amateur home baker I was introduced to the works of Chef Bachour by a friend. To be in the same room as him, watching him work so effortlessly, was surreal. A lot of what he did was stuff I’d seen chef instructors do and demonstrate during my time at Lavonne, but it was how he did those things that was gripping. His technique helped me refine mine. His insistence on perfection, doing as many takes as necessary to get that perfect texture or the perfect consistency, reminded me to never settle. He has an incredible eye for detail which ensures that every product looks exactly like the other. I took home a lot from my three days with Chef Bachour. But apart from the technical aspect of it, it was amazing how easily approachable he was and how he broke down every element individually for us to understand it better. I’m ever so grateful to Chef Bachour for sharing his knowledge with us and to Lavonne for making this possible.”   – Tanvi Diwan


“I had been eagerly waiting to attend Chef Antonio Bachour’s class and it was a great learning just to watch him in action. His techniques and approach just humbled me and further inspired me to seek deeper into the art and science of baking. He has the art of turning the simplest of recipes into excellent flavour combinations that look like works of art! What I loved the most about Chef Bachour is that even though he follows recipes and processes to the T, he is very free flowing, leaving ample space for creativity. That for me was one of the most inspiring aspects of his masterclass.”   – Swati Soni



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