Beat the heat with no-bake desserts!

If you’re a parent of a school-going child, chances are you are already racking your brains, thinking of how to keep your brats occupied this vacation. Sure, there’s cricket and basketball coaching, then you could drop them off at their grandparents’ place for a week or two, drawing/painting classes are aplenty as well. But why not lure them into the kitchen this summer?

And since we’re aware of what it’s like to cook on a flame in this treacherous heat, and also because it’s always better to be safe when cooking with young children around, here are three ideas we put together if you’re looking for no-bake goodies to make with your kids.

1. Popsicles
While there are fancy recipes that are trending online, if you can’t be bothered with anything time-consuming, and even if you’ve got tang in your larder, that’s pretty much all you really need. If you’re looking to get your kids to eat seasonal fruits, now’s a good time to make them consume some refreshing watermelon juice on a stick!

2. Peanut Butter Brownie Bites
Peanut butter and chocolate is a divine combination, you just have to agree. So if all you’ve got is some brownie batter, peanut butter, and some milk, what you’ve got to do is combine the former two by stirring and then kneading. Add drops of milk according to the consistency you desire. Now scoop this mixture and make little balls out of them that can either be consumed immediately or you could cover and store them in the fridge before you’ll dig into these luscious brownie bites together.

3. Oreo Bars
To make these in under 15 minutes, all you need is a packet of Oreo biscuits, marshmallows, and some butter. Line your baking dish with aluminium foil. Crush Oreo biscuits in a closed Ziploc bag. On a double boiler, melt the marshmallows and about 3-4 tablespoons of butter till the former fluffs up and the latter melts. Quickly add in the crushed Oreos. Transfer the mixture to your baking pan. Cool them for as long as you feel like. Cut up the set dish into as many bars as you want!

While these are just a few ideas for now, we promise to indulge the baker in you with interesting signature recipes from our chefs, especially curated for the summer.

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