Canvas- Bake for a Cause

One of the most important aspects of training under the Diploma program at Lavonne is that every student of every batch gets the opportunity, when it’s their turn, to host the biannual charity bake sale. The 10th batch of our Diploma students hosted their bake sale, ‘Canvas’,  last weekend and needless to say it was a whopping success. Proceeds from the sale went towards the Spastics Society of Karnataka.

To give you a first hand account of the experience the students had, we thought we’d get a few of them to tell you what it was like. Read on!

The bake sale has undoubtedly been the best experience at Lavonne. There was tremendous hard work and energy put by all the students and chef instructors which helped us raise a real good amount of money for the cause we endorsed. I loved the freedom which we were given in all the planning for the bake sale. It imbibed a sense of confidence and responsibility in us for whatever we did. I also loved how everything happened in unison. We were divided into groups for marketing, purchase, admin, and décor, and each group made sure the work got done. Working with 64 people together to put up a successful event seemed like a daunting task at the beginning. However, all of us worked like a dream team and I loved that part the most! The most memorable moment at the bake sale for me would have to be the calm before the storm – when the table was set and the desserts were arranged and we were waiting to open doors to our guests! I loved that feeling of excitement!- Swati Soni


“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” quite-unquote, Virginia Wolf. In keeping with that, the bake sale planning started with the agenda of giving an experience of good food and colourful ambience to our patrons. I was overwhelmed by the way it all shaped up. Starting from the planning to execution we learnt to handle it all by ourselves with our chef instructors mentoring us to make it the best bake sale! With all the learning from the past five months, we pulled off a great show by pushing boundaries with some innovation. The bake sale gave us a glimpse of what awaits us in the hospitality industry. The biggest challenge came in the form of planning and executing the menu with the budget assigned to it. It made us realise that in order to be good chefs, we also need be good managers. The best part was all of us coming together to work for a cause and make it a huge success. Every one of us have worked and contributed in some way or the other to make it the best bake sale we could ever do. Sometimes, too many cooks don’t spoil the broth!- Samhita Prasad

This was my first experience hosting a bake sale and helping customers make their choices was a daunting task. Added to that was the constant flow of customers that ensured we didn’t get a break. But in the end, interacting with so many people from different walks of life was truly a fulfilling experience.
What I loved most about being a part of this bake sale was that I got to experience and learn the complete cycle from planning to execution. This included interacting and working with so many different people on prioritizing products and its corresponding workflow, optimizing the purchasing within the budget, and churning out perfect products that would appeal to the customer. My proudest moment when our team’s Rosemary and blueberry teacake was the first sale of the day!- Poonam Karam

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