Drip is hip!

In the world of cake decoration, there is something new and fascinating trending every other day. Not too long ago, gravity defying cakes were the talk of the town. Soon enough, buttercream flowers replaced fondant ones on wedding cakes. In the meanwhile, naked berry cakes were making quite the fashionable statement. And right now, drip…

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The Art of Buttercream Decoration

So your cake’s out of the oven and has cooled down. You could either eat it, as is, the plain-Jane way, or you could make it look like heaven before you and your guests devour it. All it takes to deck up your cake is some buttercream, which is so versatile and can sit atop…

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Buttercream Basics

On their own, cakes are sinful indulgences — but it’s the gooey layers of luscious buttercream that make them a heavenly delight. That’s perhaps why cheesy compliments like “You’re a beautiful cupcake in a world full of muffins”, does in fact make complete sense, at least especially to someone who knows the magic of swirls…

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