Gaga over cocoa!

World Chocolate Day was a few days ago, but for people who love and live for chocolate, everyday is chocolate day! This month, we thought our series of blog posts should feature the dark tempter. While this time around, we thrown in some chocolate trivia for fun, you could look forward to more interesting posts…

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Know your ingredient – Sugar

The most indulgent month is only a few hours away and with all the weddings, Christmas dinners, and NYE parties to attend in December, we thought we’d talk about that one ingredient that lends sweetness to most confectioneries. That’s right! We’ve chosen to talk about sugar and no, we promise not to take you on…

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Know your ingredient – Pectin

Ever looked at the most gorgeous berries and decided to embark on an experiment in the kitchen, trying your hand at some homemade jam? Did you end up cooking the fruit and sugar mixture for so long that all you got was a lower yield of jam/preserve featuring over-processed flavour and darkened colour? That’s precisely…

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