Summer Desserts

Serve up a plateful of grateful!

As you already know, tomorrow is Mother’s Day. While you’ve probably already bought your gorgeous mama a card and maybe even a gift, some of you might have made lunch/brunch/spa date plans with her, and all of which just show she is a wonderful mother and you, as her child, want to celebrate her the…

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A glorious mess!

        The weekend is here and with Lent coming to an end on Easter, last Sunday, there’s really no excuse for most people who’d given up desserts /sugar to not indulge in a little sweet something. And while you probably expect us to share a recipe  that involves mangoes, this time around…

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Beat the heat with no-bake desserts!

If you’re a parent of a school-going child, chances are you are already racking your brains, thinking of how to keep your brats occupied this vacation. Sure, there’s cricket and basketball coaching, then you could drop them off at their grandparents’ place for a week or two, drawing/painting classes are aplenty as well. But why…

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