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The Whipping Siphon: Redefining Modern Cooking

Mousse, meringue, whipped cream. Wondering what the three have in common? They are all culinary foams. In the evolving world of cuisine, foams play a major role in molecular gastronomy, redefining new-age cooking and modernist kitchens. For the record, foams are simple to make and are extremely versatile. And just so you are not misguided, foams…

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Whip it up with Asim!

One of the perks of working at a place like Lavonne is that we’re always surrounded by scrumptious food, delightful aromas, and of course fun and creative people. And while you would think our chefs and their kitchen staff are the only pastry pros in the house, you would be surprised to know that every…

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The Supplies Store

You’ve read all about our pâtisserie and the Academy. We’ve spoken a lot about the activities that go on there. But tucked away on the side, nestling itself comfortably between these two, is our Supplies Store. This little section is equipped with everything you need to excel in baking, and then some. When Lavonne was…

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