Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Gone are the days when you had to cross the seven seas and spend a fortune pursuing your love for baking in a foreign institute simply due to the lack of similar educational opportunities  in India.

Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts is affiliated with world-renowned City & Guilds, London. We offer their prestigious Diploma in Patisserie, a course designed to equip students with all the knowledge and experience required of a professional pastry chef. Everything from basic puff pastries to making intricate plated desserts is covered in this rigorous 480-hour program, truly preparing students for all aspects of the vast, competitive culinary industry.


Institute & Faculty

State-of-the-art Facility

State of the art facilities.

Our facility is outfitted with the very best of equipment, to match the growing standards of the baking industry. Spacious individual work stations for complete hands-on learning.


Experienced in-house faculty.

Lavonne’s faculty comprises certified professional educators who have proved their mettle in the F&B industry in India, and themselves trained at the finest pastry and boulangerie academies.

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Renown guest chefs.

Guest chefs from across the globe are often invited, to bring their diverse skill set, experience and technical know-how to our diploma students.

Core Units

Menu Planning, Budgeting & Maintenance

Menu Planning, Budgeting & Maintenance

Students will be introduced to best practices of environmental sanitation and hygiene in food production areas. You will learn the basic concepts and principles of kitchen maintenance, budgeting and food costing. You will be taught how to develop your own business plan for a future project in the pastry and bakery industry.

Entrepreneurial Baking

This module will enable one to be a future entrepreneur in the field of baking and confectionery. This covers theory and practice of how to set up a commercial bakery, rules and regulations (Laws governing Baking), Kitchen Layout, Waste Management, HACCP and Store management.

Classical Baking & Artisan Breads

Classic Baking & Artisan Breads

Students will discover the basics of artistic and designer breads. You will learn about the different yeasts, their reaction with the environment and liquids and growth channels in the formation of bread. You will be introduced to the characteristics and functions of flour, and understand the affects of various types of flour, their origin, flavour, and texture, and the structures of well-known, classical and artisan breads like focaccia, challah, ciabatta, whole wheat bread, cob, Swiss pretzel, multi grain bloomer, and the classic baguette.

Laminated Dough

Enriched Yeast Breads & Laminated Dough

You will derive formative knowledge, skills and techniques required for the production and presentation of rich butter dough, sweet dough, laminated dough, and yeast dough. You will see and make the classics yourself like croissant, brioche, savarin, kugelhopf, doughnuts, Berliners, and Danish.

High Tea

Classical Desserts & High Tea

Students will learn the art of perfecting classical desserts like Crème Brulee and Opera. This module also emphasizes the importance of bakery during high tea. Various snacks like palmiers and éclairs will be taught.

Tarts & Torte

Tarts & Torte

You will learn the classics such as Linzer torte and Sacher that are famous throughout the world and have enticed varied palates. You will learn to make 5 different tarts, pies and quiches. These tiny masterpieces create a platform for acquiring French kitchen terms and techniques. The elements of petit four – ganache, meringue, butter cream, citrus zest, pâté à choux, and many more will be taught, along with how to display the final product on a beautiful mignardise plate.

Modern French Pastries

Modern French Pastries & Meringue

You will learn to make various modern French pastries and learn about the different fundamentals of taste, flavour, composition and other factors that influence your senses. These principles and techniques will enable you to create unique dacquoise, meringue, biscuits and almond sponge.

Weekend Courses - Teacakes & Cookies

Tea Cakes & Cookies

This module covers various kinds of tea cakes, faults in cake making and different technique during baking, also different types of cookies, and baked and set puddings.

Custards, Creams & Sauces

Custards, Creams & Sauces

From basic custards like crème anglaise and crème patissiere, students will also be taught different types of creams like Bavarian cream, chiboust cream, and crème Chantilly. Sauces like chocolate, caramel, fruit sauces, etc will also be a part of the training module.

Cakes & Icing

Cakes & Icings

Students will learn different types of sponges, the role that each ingredient plays in baking a cake. Pound cake, angel food cake, chiffon cake, genoise, etc are some of the many recipes that will be taught. One also perfects various types of icings such as buttercream, royal icing, glazes, ganache, etc.

Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts

Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts

This module focuses on teaching students to churn up different varieties of ice creams, sorbets, parfaits and bombe.

Speciality Cakes & Tarts

Speciality Cakes / Tarts

Students will understand how to create and assemble intricate and complex entremets like Rubies Torte, Frasier Torte, etc

Plated Desserts

Restaurant-style & Plated Desserts

From learning to plate desserts in restaurant style so as to accentuate one’s plating skills, students will also learn how to make a-la minute desserts like lava cake and baked soufflé.

Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Students will learn intermediate skilled cake making and cake layering, procedures and techniques to build a structure, and all about gorgeous wedding cakes. We will elaborate on the use of decorative and designing techniques using various mediums such as pastillage, gum paste, fondant and royal icing.

Chocolate & Praline

Chocolate & Praline

You will learn to create visually stimulating, pleasing pralines and candies. These include Ganache, caramels, truffles, nougatines and fondants. Students get to learn hand rolled, dipped and moulded chocolates. You will be taught classic and modern finishing techniques including miniature garnishes, hand dipping, spraying and piping work.

Basic Chocolate Displays

Basic Chocolate Displays

You will learn the principles of designing a chocolate structure, colour, flow of display and proportions. You will be taught the use of chocolate, their tempering in a professional setting and their medium, which is an essential requirement to any pastry professional. You will learn basic robot coupe techniques.

Safety & Hygiene

Safety & Hygiene

Learn the essential processes, practices and habits behind safe and healthy food preparation, critical for both chefs and customers.

Study Trips

Study Trips & Hotel Tours

Students will be taken on site visits to hotels, restaurants, and various bakeries and chocolate factories to understand the dynamics of business, new trends in the market and to learn how to evaluate the products and setting themselves.

Industry Training

Industry Training

At the conclusion of the program, you will be provided the opportunity to experience life as a ready-to-perform pastry chef at one of the culinary establishments in Bangalore for a period of three-months. This external training will help you gain experience and give you an introduction to your future career.

Theory Classes

Theory Classes & Assessment

Regularly conducted theory classes are an integral part of our diploma programme. Students take a formal examination after every module, as well as complete internal assessment projects from time to time.