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There’s nothing better than a long weekend except of course when two consecutive weekends are long weekends! With Independence Day and Ganesh Chuturthi gone by, the season of Indian festivals has only just begun. And therefore, we’ve decided to turn our attention to Indian themed/fusion desserts this month.

If you’ve got a lazy weekend ahead of you and would like to experiment in the kitchen, here’s the perfect recipe our chefs have put together for you to try!



A.  Parfait
Sugar: 105 g
Glucose: 30 g
Water + saffron: 60 g
Egg Yolk: 81 g
Vanilla Extract: 5 g
Saffron extract: 30 g
Whipped Cream: 500 ml

1. Heat sugar and water, without stirring, till it reaches 118°C.
2. Once the sugar syrup reaches 100°C, start whisking yolks.
3. Add the sugar syrup at 118°C (soft ball stage) to the frothy yolks, constantly beating at low speed. Increase the speed to full once all the sugar syrup is incorporated and whip till light and almost triple in size.
4. Fold in the whipped cream, saffron extract and vanilla extract.
5. Cling wrap and keep aside till use.

B. Pistachio Jaconde
Eggs: 3nos
Icing sugar: 50g
Almond flakes: 37g
Pistachio powder: 50g
Flour: 22.5g
Butter: 17g
Egg whites: 65g
Castor sugar: 35g

1. Make a French meringue with egg whites and caster sugar.
2. Mix pistachio powder, flour and eggs together to make a paste. Fold in the meringue into this paste in parts.
3. Lastly add the melted butter and mix.
4. Spread the batter on a lined tray and bake at 220 degrees Celsius for 6-8 mins.
5. Flip the silpat and remove immediately after baking.

C. Almond milk and cardamom sauce
Almond milk: 100 ml
Sugar To taste
Cardamom: 8-10 pods

1. Warm the almond milk and sugar till the sugar dissolves.
2. Add in the cardamom and mix it till well incorporated.

D. Vermicelli with jaggery
Vermicelli: 100 gms
Jaggery: 20 gms

1. Toast the Vermicelli till golden brown.
2. Melt the jaggery slightly and add in the vermicelli. Mix till all the jaggery is melted.
3. Spread on a silpat and let it cool.

E. Meringue powder
Egg white: 50 gms
Sugar: 100 gms

1. Make a French Meringue with the egg whites and sugar.
2. Pipe them onto a silpat and bake them at 90 degrees Celsius for 30-40 mins till completely baked.

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