Fool for Food!


If you haven’t fooled someone yet today, it isn’t too late! And no, we aren’t talking about pointing out to plastic spiders or lizards or even prank calling your unsuspecting pals. There’s probably going to be carnage if you end up pulling any/all of the pranks (listed below) off well. Don’t say you weren’t warned!

Now since all our posts have got something or the other to do with food, we couldn’t resist sourcing ideas from the internet and from off it, for practical jokes that involve food.

1. Who doesn’t love a doughnut right? Especially a cream filled, sugar dusted one? But hey, instead of cream, fill these doughnuts with mayo, and watch your friends as they take that first bite. This is brutal so you might want to consider saving this prank for your worst enemy!

2. Want to trick your pesky little kids? Simple. Open a packet of their favourite Oreo biscuits, clean out the cream in between and replace it with toothpaste. You can only begin to imagine the horror that will follow!

3. If you haven’t pulled this already, it’s one of the easiest ways to fool young children. Simply wrap small smooth pebble in chocolate wrappers. You don’t even need to hand it to them because if they spot them, they will anyway steal them. But make sure you stop them before they pop this into their mouths or then you just might have to call the ambulance! From experience, we can tell you this works well on adults too!

4. Summer’s the perfect time to indulge in cookies but today serve up some savoury cookies instead! Don’t forget to use the cutest cookie cutters though. You don’t want anybody to suspect something’s not quite right, do you?

5. Cupcakes that come with molten chocolate or jelly in them are oh-so-delicious. But today, why not bake them with a floret of broccoli in the middle? After all, life is about finding the perfect balance, isn’t it?

6. Know someone who has OCD? Offer them a mixed bowl of M&M’s and Skittles. They’re bound to lose their cool!

7. Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Would your spouse fancy some comfort food like Shepherd’s Pie? Then make him/her just that but with rice krispies and marshmallows instead! P.S. Chances are you would be risking a romantic night that could have followed!

Hope you have more fun than you expect to!

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