Jelly Flower Musings with Sheryl Bito

If you’re familiar with the kind of stuff we do at Lavonne, you would know that masterclasses have been a regular feature here. While we’ve had the likes of pastry chefs like Kelvin Chua and Kong Yik Hong, conduct one-of-a-kind masterclasses here in the course of the past two years, recently, we had the honour of hosting Sheryl Bito, multi-award winning pastry chef and owner of Buns in the Oven, Malaysia.

13041285_1174861129224769_8251906576116269014_oIn Lavonne for three days in April 2016 to conduct two phenomenal courses on the waving cat cake and jelly flower cakes, her masterclasses were packed with tons of new learning, good fun, and most definitely the most appetising cakes!

Attended by both amateurs and professional pastry artists from across the country, her masterclasses featured copious amounts of theoretical inputs and practical work.


Here’s what two attendees had to say about their experience:

The jelly flower cake class was full of new techniques. This trend is new in the Indian market. It featured sumptuous flavours, attractive to look at jelly flowers, and all of it was vegetarian! Most importantly, Sherly Bito’s way of explaining was very impressive.

– Deepali Sharma, Haryana

“The concept of jelly flowers has always intrigued me. It has always looked so fascinating and amazing so much so I was yearning to learn this art and got the opportunity to do so when Lavonne announced a class and the best part was that our tutor was none other than Sheryl Bito! She made everything look so simple. She has a fantastic way of teaching and absolutely shows no hesitation in imparting knowledge to all. It was such an honour to have learnt from a brilliant artist like her and what better place than Lavonne! The class was very well organised and the staff was very good too. Thank you Sheryl and thank you to Lavonne for this opportunity!

– Ashwini Sarabhai, Hyderabad

With those reviews to go by, you would be happy to know that Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts will be hosting Sheryl Bito again, for the second edition of the Jelly Flowers Cake masterclass, in August 2016, at Bangalore as well as in Mumbai. For details and to register, call us on 9740544442/3 or write to us at

That said, here are more pictures from her last masterclass with us.




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