Meet the Students (Sudha Rao)

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged and also a much longer time since we last introduced you to one of our students. Now if you’re a regular here, you’d know that we usually chat up alumni and trace their journey at Lavonne and beyond. For a change, we thought we’d feature a student from the current batch of the Diploma program. We are so thrilled to have you meet the very talented and hard working Sudha Rao.

How and why did you apply for the diploma program at Lavonne?

I have always had a penchant for baking and after 2 years of working as a corporate lawyer, being confined to a desk, I figured I wanted to challenge my creative side and do something with my passion. I therefore chose to pursue my interest for baking more seriously. Being a home baker I was aware of my limitations and knew that I had to learn the right skills before starting out on my own. Choosing Lavonne in this regard was a no-brainer, considering it has some of the best pastry chefs as their chef instructors and a challenging curriculum. I kept a track of the diploma course details on the Lavonne website and immediately applied when the January 2016 batch was announced.


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Describe your experience at Lavonne so far.

The experience has been superlative, to say the least! Each day in the kitchen is a challenge and an opportunity to pick up a new skill. Watching the chef instructors work their magic and having them share their knowledge is most inspiring! They are forthcoming with their suggestions and always challenge you to think out of the box and do better than you did the previous day! They are constantly thinking of new ways to make classes interesting and manage to successfully do so!

How has Lavonne helped in your professional pursuit as a pastry chef?
As a pastry chef (or any chef for that matter) you are not only required to create delicious desserts but also learn how to work with a team, manage a kitchen, be meticulous in appearance, hygiene etc. At Lavonne, the chefs repeatedly stress on the importance of working clean, looking presentable, being a team player, and maintaining open communication channels with peers and instructors. I think that these are some of the most important skills to hone if you intend to work in a professional kitchen. The chefs take personal interest in your progress and readily take time out to guide you and help you improve. That apart, we are also exposed to complex techniques and working knowledge very early on, that few other institutions would impart to their students. The exposure you get in just a span of 6 months is enough to set you apart from the crowd.




image6Advice/recommendations that you might like to give current and future students.

As a person that started off this course with limited skills but a strong interest for baking and pastry, I can confidently say that I am graduating with the confidence that I am equipped for a full fledged profession in the field. The course is definitely not a breeze. It is aimed at imparting professional baking and pastry skills and business acumen. If you are interested in being an entrepreneur or working in a professional pastry kitchen, then look no further! The methodical, systematic approach to the course is unparalleled and the chefs have a wealth of knowledge that they are willing to share. Absorb it all like a sponge! At the end of 6 months, all the long hours, stressful days, and exhaustion are totally worth it when you look back and realise how far you’ve come from the day you started off the course.

What plans do you have for the future?

The future looks exciting and I hope it has great things in store for me. With the help of Lavonne, I aim to intern at a hotel pastry kitchen after the course and once I am done with the internship I want to work full time in varied establishments to get a feel of working in different kitchens, over a period of time. The end goal is to start up something on my own a few years down the lane so I aim to get all the experience I can before I embark on that journey!


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