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After a long hiatus, we’re finally getting you to meet our students again. While we usually get chatting with an alumnus for this blog post, this time around, we thought we’d turn things around a bit and get you to meet a current student of Lavonne’s Diploma program.

Ananya Suri, who hails from Mumbai, has pursued her degree in Psychology. It was around this time that she decided to commercially explore her love for baking from home. “Along with the ‘cupcake’ fad, began my journey of oven burns, cleaning buttery utensils and endless baking, which eventually graduated to cakes and sugar craft. Slowly I started selling my work via advertising on my Blackberry, making a small local clientele. My passion lead me to getting a job with a cupcake store, Love Sugar Dough,” she says. But that was only the beginning. Looking to fine tune her skills, she decided to join Lavonne.



Here’s the transcript of our interview with Ananya:

  1. How and why did you apply for the Diploma program at Lavonne?

Although happy with my job, I felt limited in my knowledge and I constantly felt that there was something lacking in the work that I was already doing. The endless recipes on the internet and the occasional YouTube video weren’t good enough anymore. When I looked up Lavonne, I realised I had never seen anything like this before in India. I knew that this course would help me build a strong foundation and would help me grow in the patisserie industry.



  1. What has your experience been like so far?

The curriculum is outstanding! I am developing a skill set that I did not have before. I have moved from a baking being a hobby to making it a career. I know that I have found my calling. I want to experiment with textures and flavours. It is thrilling! It’s an adventure! This experience has made me think like a professional. I feel that I am rapidly getting equipped to enter the big world of talented chefs who are passionate and proud of what they create. This profession requires passion, dedication, hard work and Lavonne has made me want to put in all of that.


Also, this is the first time I have stayed away from home. The course and living independently has made me a different person – confident, sure of myself, and finally grown up!

Lavonne has been so much fun. I have made some great friends. The Chefs are simply the best, in every possible way. The way Lavonne always looks picture perfect, spic and span, with passionate, like-minded people, always buzzing with crazy ideas, is something I’d want to replicate in whatever I put my hand to in the future.



  1. How is Lavonne helping in your professional pursuit as a pastry chef?

The exposure to new ingredients and techniques that I never knew of is an incredible experience.  Today, I know the science, based on reaction of ingredients with each other. I read a recipe now, and instantly know whether it will work or not. I can formulate as well as correct a recipe. My entire thought-process has changed after coming here. I have learnt that both quality and presentation are crucial. Lavonne has completely changed the way I think.



  1. Advice/recommendations that you might like to give future students.

Cherish and enjoy the course because it will get over before you even realise it.  Take from it as much as you can.  Also, you might want to join the gym! (laughs)


  1. What plans do you have once you complete your course?

I am looking forward to working at hotels and stand-alone bakeries. I want to work in the kitchen to gain experience. I have lots of experience to gain, and some day hopefully I will have a place of my own.


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  1. Japnit Sahni says:

    Oh how I miss Lavonne ! best days of my life, best learning experience ever 🙂