Meet the Students- Jayatri Biswas

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you’re already aware that we just had the convocation ceremony for the most recent batch of our Diploma program students. In their time spent at Lavonne, they, like their seniors, have had the time of their lives, learning and perfecting the art and science of baking and patisserie.

And to let you in on what the experience was like, we get Jayatri Biswas, one of our most enterprising students of the batch, to give you a glimpse.


1. Tell us about yourself.
Taking up a career in pastry was not a very simple decision for me. After an IHM degree, a management training program, and a marketing job later, I got thrown into the world of pastry. It wasn’t so much of a conscious decision as much as a path I was led on to. A bad knee injury in November 2015 brought me back home to Kolkata. While at home, I began doing what I’ve been passionate about ever since childhood.

I grew up watching my mother bake. She stayed up at nights to knead and whisk, and whip and stir, chocolate and sugar, and flour and eggs, into perfect submission, before sliding them into the oven.

With tried and tested family recipes I began to bake for family and friends. In less than a year I was supplying to cafes, parties, pop up sales, etc. That was a small but significant start to pastry experience through my very own experimental kitchen, ‘Short and Sweet’.


2. Why and when did you apply for the diploma program at Lavonne?
During my time baking from home, I had most of my basics in place, what with an IHM Degree. I stayed up nights working, researching on techniques to better myself everyday. It wasn’t easy to jump back into pastry after working a desk job. I pushed myself to learn all I could on my own. There came a point where I felt stagnant and was in search of some professional mentorship and guidance. I had been following Lavonne ever since its inception and it seemed a very appropriate step for me.


3. How would you describe your experience at Lavonne?
One word to describe my experience in Lavonne would be “eye-opening”. It showed me a world of unlimited possibilities with food and flavour options. Though immensely rewarding, it was, without doubt challenging. There was much to learn in the limited time. I struggled a bit but now know much has been learnt, thanks to Lavonne, and the learning will continue.


4. How has Lavonne helped you in your professional pursuit as a pastry chef?
Lavonne has offered me an exhaustive mound of knowledge – from techniques to the intricacies and science of baking. It has left me confident and inspired by the young chefs who dedicate time, patience and meticulous planning to make for worthwhile learning. Lavonne teaches you to work with a team, work on deadlines, work through challenges, and troubleshooting when things go downhill.


5. Advice/recommendations that you might like to give future students.
Wake up, dress up and be there!


6. What plans do you have for the future in terms of your career?
Currently, I intend to round off my training by working with some of my role model chefs. It begins with Chef Dominique Ansel in New York. I was fortunate to be given an opportunity to work with him. I look forward to that. Lavonne has sparked a fire in me to “constantly learn” and “start from zero”. The rest will fall into place.

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