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It’s been a while since we got you to meet our students. And while you have been introduced to a number of our alumni who have pursued the Diplome in Patisserie program, this time, since the next batch has just started, we’d like you to meet one of our most enterprising students of the previous batch of the 6 week certificate course. Radhika Saraf who owns a start-up, fine-tuned her skills at Lavonne and is raring to go! Say hello!

1. Tell us about why you took up the 6 week certificate course and about the kind of learning that took place.
I’m a passionate baker and I’m always keen on trying out new stuff. I was waiting to sign up for this course since September last year, to gain more insights into different methods and products. This course covers everything ranging from breads to desserts and entremets. And the best part is that you can learn to make all of these in just six weeks, moreover with a finesse that I’m sure no other academy can impart.

2. What was the highlight of your course?
I got more immersed in the course after my breads class. It’s just so amazing to learn how to incorporate different flavours and textures in one small dessert. I still remember it was our choux pastry class. It was too much to take in at that point of time but I was really amazed and proud as well to learn to make such new and amazing desserts. After that class, we made sure, we were well prepared to gain everything possible that we could, in the coming weeks. It was a feeling of contentment for all of us to see such crazy beautiful products on the table and that too created by us.

3. Describe a typical day in the life of a student in our 6 week program?
Our day starts off with the personal grooming which is very crucial for any chef. We are given the schedule for the day. With the guidance of our amazing mentors, we made such mouth-watering desserts. It’s not only about baking at Lavonne. It was about falling in love with these beautiful desserts. Baking a product to make it look more beautiful was something we all used to enjoy and that’s what is referred to as the ‘art of plating’. Keeping our work stations clean all the time was mandatory. Of course, overwhelmed with all that we’d made, taking selfies was just an natural part of the sequence, before we gobbled down the works of our hands!

4. How has Lavonne helped in your professional pursuit as a pastry chef?
Baking is not just an art. There is science behind every ingredient being added in a product. And Lavonne has inculcated those set of basics in us. Now, I can think out of the box to create a product on my own. I can easily play around with different flavours in different products and make it look beautiful.

5. Advice/recommendations that you might like to give current and future students.
Under the guidance of the amazing mentors, each day is a new learning experience at Lavonne. This place makes you fall in love with baking all over again. The chefs at Lavonne makes it even more comfortable for the students to learn. This is ‘the place’ for every aspiring baker to convert their dreams into reality. The chefs always bring out the best in you. I really wish I could stay longer and learn more from these talented chefs at Lavonne.

6. What plans do you have for the future?
I already owned a start-up so I wish to expand it by introducing more variety in flavours as well as products. My aim is to become a renowned pastry chef and spread Sugar Love in and around the country!

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