Sugar Art

List of Classes

Here you’ll find all the classes in this category being held at Lavonne. Take a look at our calendar for a detailed list of upcoming classes, or get in touch with us to book a one-on-one class with an instructor at double the list price.

Sugarart - Cupcakes & Buttercream Decor

Cupcake Baking & Buttercream Decoration

  • 3 Cupcake Recipes – Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet
  • Italian Meringue Buttercream
  • Few Types Of Decoration Using Buttercream

Price: ₹3, 500

Lavonne-Modeling Cute Figurines

 Cute Figurine Modelling 

  • Make cute figurines for different theme cakes
  • Simple & practical techniques
  • Shading techniques for more depth
  • 1 boy & 1 girl figurine (different position)

Price: ₹11,500

Structural Cake : 'Into the Safari'

Structural Cakes

  • Creating a framework
  • Shaping and sculpting
  • Painting/airbrush techniques
  • Presentation

Price: As per specific class


Cake Decoration : Beginner Level (5 Days)

 Learn to bake the perfect cupcake/cake (vanilla and chocolate) • Introduction to buttercream and sugar-doughs  Covering cakes with buttercream Decoration and piping with buttercream • Basic 2D decoration & 3D figurines  Introduction to fondant • Covering a cakeboard with fondant • Colouring and covering the cake with fondant Other decorative techniques

Price: ₹20, 000

Sugarart - Basic Sugarcraft Flowers

Sugarcraft Flowers Class (3 Days)

  • 5 Petal Flowers
  • Cattleya Orchid
  • Rose, Poppy, Foliage
  • Peony, Hibiscus, Twigs
  • Sweet Pea, Lilies
  • Magnolia, Berries

Price: ₹22, 500


The Art of Waferpaper

  • 4 types of flowers
  • Create detailed treebark effects
  • Practice sharp edge coloured ganache
  • Learn techniques like the ‘drip method’

Price: ₹11,500


Painted Cake Class

  • Learn painting tools & techniques
  • Create 2D protruding effects
  • Transfer images to cake
  • Manage colour palettes

Price: ₹10,500


Cake Decoration : Advanced Level (5 Days)

• Introduction to gumpaste • Realistic sugar-craft flowers • Making edible lace from scratch • Advanced fondant techniques • Waferpaper techniques • Basic royal-icing techniques • Stacking a tiered cake

Price: ₹29, 500