The year that was!

In just about a month, we’ll be almost ready to bid 2017 adieu. And the year for us at Lavonne has been exciting, adventurous, and filled with loads of learning and experimenting. If you’re an avid baker and blogger, chances are you’ve already seen a roundup list of the year’s favourite dessert/baking trends, and while most of these might be a general observation, we thought we’d put together our own list of Lavonne’s hits in 2017. Here goes:

1. Entremets

Did you know that an entremet is in modern French cuisine a small dish served between courses? Originally it was an elaborate form of entertainment dish common among the nobility and upper middle class in Europe, during the later part of the Middle Ages and the early modern period.  For modern pastry chefs, an entremet is a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavours and varying textural contrasts.



2. Petit Gateau

Again from the French cuisine, Petit Gâteau is a dessert composed of a small chocolate cake with crunchy rind and mellow filling that is served hot with vanilla ice cream on a plate. Nowadays, variations of the cake/ice cream flavours have come to include fruits and even alcoholic beverages.





3. Croissants

We certainly can’t have our fill of French specialities. Lavonne’s croissants have been a hit from the very beginning. As you must already know, a croissant is buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry named for its obvious crescent shape. Croissants are made of a layered yeast-leavened dough. The dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a sheet, in a technique called laminating.




4. Cinnamon Rolls

Another favourite, pretty much at any time of the day, in Denmark, it is known as Kanelsnegl that translates to ‘cinnamon snail’. In Sweden, the country of its presumed origin, the cinnamon roll takes the name of kanelbulle (‘cinnamon bun’). Since 1999, October 4 has been promoted as “kanelbullens dag” (Cinnamon Roll Day)





5. Pancakes

For many, pancakes are the perfect way to start the day. And interestingly, it’s been a favourite for a long time now. The first pancakes were called Alita Dolcia (“another sweet” in Latin) and were made by Romans in the 1st Century AD.  And if you thought sweet was the only way to go, you’d be surprised to know that potato pancakes that are traditionally served during Hanukkah are fried in oil as a reminder of the miraculous oil lamp that the Jewish holiday celebrates!





6. Fruit-based Smoothies

Smoothies have never been as popular as they are now. Every fitness freak at some point of the day indulges in one. The health benefits of a smoothie depends on its ingredients. Many smoothies include large servings of fruits and vegetables which are recommended in a healthful diet. However, too many sweet fruits can lead to too much sugar





7. Unicorn Everything

Easily the cutest motif we’ve seen around since 2016, unicorns are everywhere, from makeup palettes to buffet platters. And in the world of cake decoration, they are just as popular. Quite obviously, there was a major surge in the number of unicorn cake and macaron orders that Chef Joonie received. And we can tell you that she had a whale of a time making these.





8. Drip Cakes

Naked cakes have had their time in the sun and 2017 saw a lot of Drip Cakes instead. A drip cake is essentially one where the top has been doused in liquid icing, in a very artistic, professional, and neat manner. Seen at weddings this year, drip cakes have been a top choice even at other events and occasions.




9. Artisan Chocolates

Chocolate is health food. We don’t believe otherwise. This year we hosted chocolate making masterclasses that received a fabulous response. And we also noticed that you don’t need an occasion to shop for chocolates. V-Day, Easter, Diwali, or Christmas, you could never go wrong with chocolates for a gift!





10. Verrines

As you know, a verrine is originally a small thick-glass container with no base, the purpose of which is to serve food, and now mostly desserts. We’ve come up with all sorts of them at Lavonne. Needless to say, they’ve caught everybody and their mother!

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