When it’s all or muffin!

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through the year already? With World Baking Day gone by, over a fortnight ago, patissiers from across the world commemorated the day in some unique way or the other. And for those who didn’t do much except indulge in a sugary doughnut that day, we thought it would be a good time to let you in on some of the latest trends in the field that you’re probably not aware of yet.

Are buttery croissants your go-to breakfast option? Experts everywhere are now suggesting that colourful and stuffed viennoiseries will be a thing. From chocolate to raspberry, you have options to choose from. They’ve got to look as good as they taste.
As you would expect, breads are selling like hot cakes. And all varieties of them. A couple of years ago, people were fascinated with the ubiquitous bagel or the increasingly popular focaccia, and the health conscious only opted for the multigrain variety. Today, however, desserts that utilise bread, and we don’t necessarily mean bread pudding, are gaining traction.

Who doesn’t love muffins right? Especially the choco-chip ones? But if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you’d be happy to know that savoury muffins are here to stay. Throw in some exotic veggies and your favourite kind of cheese. Non vegetarians have a wide range of options too. It’s all about being innovative and figuring out the right flavour profiles and combinations.

Remember when the black burger became a hit, half way across the world? Now, black is trending in the world of desserts too. We’re definitely thinking black ice cream on a hot summer day.

And are you the kind that wakes up craving super moist decadent chocolate cake? Go ahead and have it, is what we’d tell you. Because apparently, having cake for breakfast is one of the biggest trends of 2017. And truth be told, it’s our favouritest!

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