When Queen Bee takes the cake!

She’s not known as the Queen of Cake Decoration for nothing. If you’ve come across her work with fondant even once, you would wholeheartedly agree that there’s nobody who does it better than Chef Joonie Tan. As our Executive Pastry Artist, she’s only brought home more laurels and honours. Recently, she was chosen as the official brand ambassador of Pettinice, one of the world’s leading fondant brands. And we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Here’s the excerpt of our candid chat with the lady herself!

1. How does it feel to be the brand ambassador for Pettinice?
Super honoured ! It’s the first time a cake artist in India is being chosen as a product’s ambassador, and I am super proud to be selected by Pettinice!

2. What is it that you love most about the brand and its products?
Pettinice is one of the leading fondant brands in the world, and the products are egg Free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegetarian, halal, kosher. What’s not to love about it?

3. As a pastry artist, how would you describe the relationship you share with fondant?
Fondant is literally what my whole career is about. I am known as the queen of fondant (by my followers), and 99% of my work is all about creating masterpiece using fondant! Without fondant, I wouldn’t be able to pull off a lot of the designs that I wish to do.

4. With so many of your followers and fans starting out in the field of cake decoration, what is it about working with fondant that is challenging and that amateurs are usually not aware of?
A lot of beginner cake artists start too soon without enough practice before venturing into the commercial aspect, thus not able to justify the orders that they take, putting their name into jeopardy. Practise is very important. One class /self-learning from few YouTube channels is not enough! Joining a professional class and practising regularly is very important!
Beginners tend to concentrate too much on the exterior and forget the interior is also super important, which is basically the soul of the whole cake. The cake has to taste as good as, if not better, than how it looks!

5. As a pastry artist known for your finesse and creativity in using fondant, what are your biggest design inspirations?
Everything is my inspiration, from colours to texture on walls to plants and buildings!

6. Could you suggest two ways in which cake artists could get better at their craft?
Learn from legit professional cake artist and the 3Ps – PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE because practise makes perfect!

7. If you ever had to have someone make a fondant cake for you, what would it be like?
I always follow one motto in my work. LESS IS MORE. I love pastel shades with minimalist design.

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